Monday, August 31, 2009

Hearing things?

The other day, I read that "Chinese is not a phonetic language." This strange, because I could've sworn I heard people speaking Chinese just the other day.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

There you are now. Be entertained.

Where's Randy been? I know you've been wondering. I've been right here, and not all that busy, and enjoying it. Most of this past year, from September until the middle of June, was busy. Although I'm too lazy to check, my recollection is that there have been a rather high number of posts explaining or apologizing for my absence than posts about other topics. Much of what I've been busy with has been writing, mainly lecture notes. Textbooks contain a great deal of information, as there are no time constraints. It's a challenge to take what the textbook says, distill the important information, and compile it into something that is both succinct, complete (or at least seems complete enough to the audience that they have no follow up questions), true, and if I'm lucky, comprehensible. Perhaps for others this comes easy, but I frequently seem to get it wrong. It feels right the first time around. In the proofreading stages, however, I repeatedly realize that what I have written is not what I thought I had and is frequently flat out wrong. So I set about trying to correct my errors, scrutinizing every word, deleting, rewriting, deleting, rewriting, yet never being quite as satisfied as I was when I first wrote what I wasn't thinking but thought I was writing what I was. Even though I may have finally written what I meant to, I'm just never quite sure that I did. I get stuck in a cycle of second guessing. After nearly 10 months straight of doing that, I'm just a wee bit too weary of writing.

Plus, I got one of these in the middle of June, so I've been busy taking a lot of these [1].

[1] I took some pictures over the last few days that I also wanted to upload, but I still have a "free" account, which means I can upload at most 100MB per month. I went over that limit before the pictures finished uploading. Come back in a month. A pro account doesn't seem inordinately expensive, but given the level of attention I've paid to my account thus far, it is likely that it could still end up being a waste of money.