Sunday, September 24, 2006


I thought I had a good idea for an invention.

Merge the segway with a lawnmower. Anyone who's ever used a self-propelled lawnmower knows that turning corners is a tricky thing, and when you're mowing a lawn, there are a lot of corners. The segway technology hasn't really taken off. Both homeowners/landscapers and the segway company could benefit by merging these two technologies. It could make things easier for homeowners/landscapers, while an off-sidewalk usage might help the segway technology to take off. (Lower prices might help too. There's another piece of two-wheeled technology that I can buy for about a hundred bucks, called the bicycle. Rumour has it, the segway profit margins are quite high.)

Turns out I'm not the first to come with the idea. That's not such a bad thing, is it? If a bunch of people think it's a good idea, then maybe it is a good idea [1]. But the idea came from the comments section from some web site. Nothing good ever comes from the comments section (though I must admit I spend a fair bit of time reading comments).

So maybe my idea wasn't so good.

[1] Turns out I've had lots of ideas in math that I later find out have been done already, sometimes by some of the greatest minds in math. It's good to know that, at least sometimes, I think like a genius. Sometimes. What about the rest of the time? That's an open question.

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daniel said...

I had something to say, but the train derailed. The death toll was catastrophic. Those poor little neurons.
They're not firing so swiftly now.

Thus spoketh the Lord of Spam.