Sunday, May 25, 2008

For a variety of open wounds?

I just got back from a short trip to A&P. The A&P in downtown Kingston. I was buying some cheese. Mozzarella. When I looked up from the cheese display, I saw a number of crystalline formations in jars and small plastic containers. They were salt. Many varieties of salt. Sea salt to be precise. In big lumps. A salt grinder will probably be needed for most applications. I'm both fascinated and annoyed. Fascinated because I wonder about the different flavours that the salt could have (and wonder if they actually are all that different from each other). I'm similarly fascinated by anything that comes many varieties, such as tea, but perhaps excluding breakfast cereals. I'm annoyed because, while they have ten different types of sea salt, they only have one brand of peanut butter, besides store brand. It's not brand that I prefer. They have Kraft. I like Skippy. It used to be the one with the peanut on top. Now it's not. I still like it better, though [1].

I left the store and started walking home when I spotted a car that looked just like mine. A second's reflection revealed that it was mine. I'm glad to have noticed this, since I don't think this particular A&P takes kindly to people who leave their cars there [2]. There isn't much of a time savings to driving there, if any, so normally I walk. Tonight (or rather yesterday night, as it has taken me so long to write this post that it is now very early this morning), however I was driving an injured friend around, and stopped at A&P on my way home. Familiarity being a natural habitat of contempt, however, the memory that I had driven there had almost been replaced by routine. Thankfully I parked my car where I would see it. I'm not always so lucky.

[1] One time I bought a jar of Kraft, because it came in a big jar. A bigger jar than the biggest jar of Skippy. When I got home, I looked at the jar and realized that in my excitement to enjoy the benefits of cost of scale, I neglected to look even remotely carefully at the label. I still have it. It's yours free if you want it.

[2] It's probably the largest free parking lot in the downtown area. But it's only free to its customers. They've usually got a security guard on patrol to make sure that the people who use it also enter the store.

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