Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Credit Isn't Good Enough 4 Us

For some odd reason, CIBC lowered the limit on my credit card by 4 dollars. This would be quite the reduction in credit if may previous limit was, say, 8 dollars. But it wasn't. It was significantly higher. High enough that the 4 dollar reduction is negligible. So, except for the fact that my credit limit no longer ends in a zero, I don't care. But still, why.

Perhaps spent too much time tweaking credit limits by nonmultiples of 10, by both AIG and Lehman Brothers, thus causing their downfalls.

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daniel said...

Maybe it's the first stage of moving to a new base numbering system. A system immune to foreign financial failures. But how they get from that, to maple syrup as a currency, I'm still trying to sort out.

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