Thursday, September 10, 2009


The meteorologists tell us when the seasons begin and end. Winter is the shortest day, Summer the longest. Spring begins when days become longer than nights, and Fall the opposite. They can tell us this all they want, but we all have our own definitions. Winter begins at the first snowfall and summer when the shorts come out of storage. Spring begins when the maple trees start showing signs of life and fall began yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Yes, sigh.....Fall has begun. Yesterday as I was biking around the neighbourhood I noticed that suddenly many lawns are already starting to get a small blanket of leaves. There are several things I love about Autumn but the leaves changing colour and falling off is NOT one of them!! Melanie

Randy Elzinga said...

I enjoy the changing colours myself.

I suppose if I had a yard to clean up, though, I might see them as warning lights that raking or clean up of some kind would have to be done soon.