Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Embedding Beef

A few of the blogs that I frequent occasionally embed youtube videos on their blogs. The astute Idiot Strings regular will notice that I have never done so. This is in part due to laziness. You'll notice I don't do much hyperlinking either. Though the primary reason that I haven't embedded any youtube videos is that my experience with embedded youtube is almost invariably bad. When I watch them, they almost never load fast enough to view them in realtime. The videos seem to get downloaded in chunks, but each chunk is usually finished playing before the next one gets downloaded, making for a choppy youtube experience.

If I want to watch the video smoothly, I can either let it play through once in choppy mode, and then watch it again once it's been fully downloaded, or else get the url (which can be obtained via the menu in the embedded youtube window) and go directly to youtube and watch it there. Neither of this options are that terribly inconvenient, though it does often result in my not watching the video. Also, having to do so defeats the point of embedded youtube videos, don't you think? It ceases to be an advantage to embed a video when I the viewer has to do more work than I would have if a good old fashioned hyperlink had been used.

Does anyone else have this problem?

It's not my connection, since when I view the videos on the youtube website, the whole video downloads in seconds, and there are no problems.

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