Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You're only supposed to do that on a bike!

Last night, a somewhat unusual thing happened while I was walking home. I was crossing an intersection with the light (which is unusual for Kingston pedestrian traffic). As I was crossing, a car pulled into the intersection "against" the light. The light was red for her, and she was stopped for a moment before she pulled into the intersection. I slowed my pace, hoping the presence of a pedestrian in her path would make her realize that it wasn't her turn to go yet. It didn't. She looked at me like I was confused, and once I had gotten out of her way, she just kept on going. Right now, you're probably thinking, "Randy, when the lights are flashing on the police car, you're supposed to wait for it to go." There were too many rust spots, and not enough flashing lights for this to be a police car. Also, there were too many crazy looking old ladies driving.

I've almost done it a few times myself in the past, though. But I have never even gone far enough into the intersection to get in the way of pedestrians trying to use the crosswalk (in one of those rare Kingston moments when someone can't get through the intersection before the light turns green). Usually when it happened it was when I'd been biking a lot. When I'm on my bike, as with walking, I don't often bother waiting for the light to turn green. I just wait until the cars have cleared. When I would get in my car, my cycling instincts would still be in play. The worst that happened was when I was making a left hand turn one time, and almost cut off a cyclist who was going straight. I did wait for the light to turn green though. So did the cyclist, and it was almost his downfall.

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