Monday, February 04, 2008

Delicious Irony

Last night I went to a Chinese New Year celebration put on by the Queen's Asian Cooking Club. There were many tasty dishes. One in particular was a dish whose main ingredients were tofu and beef. I think most people I know see tofu as an alternative to meat, especially for vegetarians. Beef on the other hand seems to be the poster child for turning people into vegetarians. It was rather surprising to see them on the same plate. Even more surprising is the fact that, according to one Chinese person at my table, the dish is common in China.

When I went up for seconds, there was a lot more of the tofu-beef dish left than most of the other dishes. I wonder if the the vegetarians were turned off by the beef, while the meat eaters were turned off by the tofu. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Either way, more for me!

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