Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Out for the Penny, Out by Pounds [Updated]

Further to this post, NDP MP Pat Martin has finally introduced his private member's bill on the elimination of the Canadian 1 cent coin. The man himself appears not to have caught wind of his introduction of the bill in parliament. As of the writing of this post, there is not a mention of it on his website.

Despite my best efforts to spend my pennies, the number in my possession still seems to be increasing. At the very least, they're not decreasing nearly as fast as I would like them to. So get on it folks. Call your local MP and urge them to vote with Mr. Martin, before I can no longer manage my accumulating pounds of pennies.

[Update:03/04/08 11:24am] According to his website, Pat Martin has learned of the bill he has introduced. Good for Pat. Also, the poll of the day at (look at the right, near the top, just below the banner) is on whether or not the penny should be scrapped. As of 11:26, 56% say yes. The rest say no.


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