Friday, October 06, 2006


I have a secret love affair with grammar. It's got me through some tough times. Without the help of grammar, for example, I most certainly would have failed my first 4 years of high school English class. It remains largely unknown that I will curl up in a comfy chair with a grammar textbook (most people only know about the dictionaries) to learn about the ins and outs of the grammar of some foreign language.

That is perhaps why I find this t-shirt to be so amusing.


DSM said...

Formerly secret, no?

daniel said...

"Gotten" and "tought". I thought you tried to avoid using "gotten" (or is that me? ... well, whichever). And just what is "tought"?

Randy said...

dsm: No comments on your blog means no comments on my blog. Got it? You're banned.

daniel:I like grammar. I don't like proof reading. You were more enthuastic about "got" over "gotten" than I was. "Tought" as I'm sure you realize, is a typo.