Sunday, October 01, 2006


I don't even know who David Hicks is, or what he did. But the following quote from this article made me laugh (out loud even).

"Sydney Sun-Herald columnistAlex Mitchell recently urged that an honour be bestowed upon a former Adelaide resident. "Sixty years ago, if David Hicks was a POW in a Japanese or German concentration camp, we'd consider him a war hero," wrote Alex. I'm not sure I get Mitchell's point. After all, if Hicks had discovered penicillin, we'd consider him a medical hero. If he had claws and a great flippy tail, we'd consider him a lobster. "

Now to read the rest of the article so I can find out who David Hicks is and what he did.

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daniel said...

David should also be considered for a Darwin Award honourable mention. Of course, if he wants to win a Darwin Award, it'd be pretty easy in his circumstances to do. After all, he is surrounded by a bunch of angry islamic fundamentalists. How hard can they be to set off?