Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just visited Technorati, a search engine for up to date (up to minute?) information on what's going on in the blogosphere, among other blog related data.

A certain name kept popping up, so I decided to try and figure out what all the fuss was about. After all, if he's that popular, why don't I know about him, right? I search for the name and followed a link to a blog post titled "God hates Technorati"[1], which eventually led to the website of the man whose name keeps popping up.

I visited the blog of the man himself. The guy, a pastor, made a personal decision not to visit Techorati for the benefit of his own well-being. He didn't slight the service itself. He didn't tell me, nor you, nor the members of his congregation not to use the service. He just felt like he would be better off not reading the feedback about his work that he obtained through the Technorati service.

But somehow this shot him up to number 1 for Technorati keywords (he was at number 2 when I checked).

A bit touchy about our blog search engine, are we?

[1] "God Hates Technorati" is a very misleading title in my opinion. The pastor certainly didn't say anything even close to "God hates Technorati" in his original post. He didn't even say "God is meh about Technorati". In fact, I don't think he even suggests that God is aware of Technorati. Searching his blog yields 3 or 4 posts, one containing his original decision, and the rest responding to his subsequent fame. Given the controversy that ensued over the last church group to obtain fame with a "God Hates ..." type slogan, I think the title is quite over the top as well.

I have intentionally avoided naming the man at the centre of the controversy and linking to any blog posts on the matter, since I don't want to participate in the silliness. Search Technorati if you really wanna know.

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